No. A loan, by its nature must be paid back. American Accident funding is a non-recourse advance against the future settlement of your claim. If your claim is not successful, you don’t have to pay it back. Our service is known as non-recourse funding.
Once your funding application is complete, American Accident Funding will review your claim and determine whether we can make an advance against your claim. If your application is approved, we may be able to fund your advance within 24 hours.
No, there is no credit check or employment/income verification. American Accident Funding is purchasing a portion of your claim. The purchase advance is based upon the merits of your claim not your credit score or income.
No, there is no risk what so ever to you. If your claim is not paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company, then you do not have to pay back the advance or any fees.
Some of the most debilitating injuries are old injuries that were left untreated. We have seen dozens of cases where the collision caused herniated discs and nerve impingement that only presented and became debilitating years later. If the accident caused your injury and you were not at fault, you deserve to be compensated. American Accident Funding may be able to fund your claim against a future financial settlement.
American Accident Funding specializes in pre-settlement funding. We will work with your attorney to fund your claim very quickly, within 24 hours of approval.
The list of claims is extensive, but the most common are injuries, Pain, Future pain or decreased earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, anxiety, decreased mental health, property damage, loss of income, lost wages, loss of use, rental car expenditures, diminished value to your vehicle.
The advance from American Accident Funding is your money to do with what you wish. Most clients use the funds for living expenses, bills, medical treatments car payments, rent, unforeseen expenses, emergencies etc.
American Accident Funding offers the lowest fees in the industry. The repayment of your advance comes from your future settlement and will be agreed to by you and American Accident Funding before funding occurs. Each claim contains a different degree of risk to American Accident Funding, so the amount of repayment from the settlement will be based upon the likelihood of your claim succeeding.

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